JAH VINCI “IN MY LIFE” The Documentary Mix

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Reggae/Dancehall artiste JAH VINCI has once again released his new mix CD titled “IN MY LIFE” The Documentary. The idea for this new mixed tape was generated after the raving reviews received on his first mix CD titled “BRAAWLING”, both locally and internationally. This mixed tape featured a more hardcore side of the artiste’s personality.

The Documentary, which is an audio version of the artiste’s life, will feature more soul searching songs like Mama Love, In My Life and new tracks such as All When, Mama don’t cry and Tower Of Strength Produce by Cashflow Records.

According to Manager Craige “Dallasign” Fullwood “Fans can expect some, if not all, questions about the artiste to be answered, as the MIX has inserts of the artiste’s interviews conducted by Marsha “lee lee” Stewart. The Mix is geared at giving fans an insight and a personal connection of the artiste’s life”. Due to the expectation of this Mixtape and to ensure the highest quality of material that the artiste so often delivers, the decision was taken to have The documentary crafted by the talented Shane “DJ Metro” Taylor who is also a part of his road management team.

JAH VINCI along with his Management team Tripledose Production/Outclear Movement has been working on several music videos which are set to be released soon. Videos Titled: “Mama Don’t Cry” (Social Yard Production) and “My Love” (Hapilos: Johnny Wonder) is said also to be released soon. The “LIVE TO MAKE” artiste is not only in studio working but has been touring as well. Over the past few months, he has been to countries such as Suriname, Bermuda, Bahamas and the Cayman Island to name a few.

With the release of JAH VINCI’S MIX CD “IN MY LIFE” The Documentary and music videos he would have set the stage for his upcomingAFRICA tour where he will tour countries such as Gambia, Zimbabwe and parts of South Africa. Fans can keep in touch with the artiste’s movement on various social media, Facebook realjahvinci and on twitter and instagram @realjahvinci. 

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