Sampaloo A Return Home

Monday, September 2, 2013

Canada’s Dancehall act; Sampaloo recently returned from his home country Jamaica. The entertainer had put his music career aside as he prioritized family through the recent passing of his younger Sister and Father. While Sampaloo took his time to reorganize, his team had time to restructure their strategies and network to create a strong return for the artist.
Sampaloo being a respected community artist had the chance to perform at Montreal’s annual “Manchester Day” upon his return, in which he showed his fans that he is back and ready to work. His single “Journey” off of Tenament Yard’s Moonlight Riddim is still receiving great radio play worldwide, his fans and peers requesting that he put out a video.
During his time off, the artist was also able to record another song for Tenement Yard in which the release date is still pending. The song is a dedication to his sister and to those who have lost someone close. With that being said currently Sampaloo and his team are in the process of organizing an “Anti-Gun/Anti-Violence” campaign in remembrance of his Sister.
Sampaloo states “We haffi show the youth the right way. Too many left this world because of the gun, us as community Artists are the Role Models for the younger youths in our city and around the world. We can make an impact through our lyrics.”
The artist will team up with local organizations to be able to spread his message, hoping to be able to tour the schools in Montreal by the End of 2014.


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