Supreme Releases His Solid and Simple EP

Friday, June 1, 2012

Supreme and his record label Spreez Music Group/J-Nice Records are gearing to release one of the most anticipated records of 2012. His debut albumSolid & Simple. The album is slated to come out this September however, due to heavy demand, it is being accompanied by two preliminary releases. Just to hold off the hungry fans, Solid & Simple: The EP and Solid & Simple: The Mixtape are releasing in May and June 2012 respectively.

Today's release is the EP.

Tygon, editor of the leading Toronto dancehall-reggae publication reviewed Solid & Simple: The EP. The following is an excerpt from the review: “With this release, Supreme (real name Tyrel Mclean) has established himself as more than just a dancehall music star. He has managed the rare feat of instantly catering to and appealing to dancehall-reggae, hip hop, pop and RnB fans and all on one project. Solid & Simple: The EP is a classic collection of tunes with a variety of styles. The EP boasts female-oriented hits such as “I Know What You Need” and “Hardcore” alongside motivational and inspiring classics such as “Ghetto Anthem” and “This Is For The World”...

Solid & Simple: The EP is available for free download on 62 major music websites in both 320kbps and 128kbps high-quality MP3 formats as well as in both an unedited version and a clean radio-friendly version. Download your copy of the free EP from the links below:


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