Friday, June 29, 2012

(Shuzzr PR & MPR Consulting): He isn't your ordinary firefighter. Not only does he put out burning flames he also ignites them as well.

Since his birth into local music industry, Cario has made many strides. A firefighter by profession this Jamaican youth is guided & grounded by the natural mystic and spirit of this lovely island. But its his unique smooth tenner voice that stands paramount to his simple persona.

The artiste who is managed by Cliffside Entertainment Group also has other singles but its his single "Fear No Evil" produced by Jheneal "Jay Crazie" Witter which musically epitomize not only those who is persecuted by others/society across world as one struggle to attain more. This reflective, generous, humane, moving single evokes vivid emotions - a musical autobiography.

This single is a touchstone to all as it makes us question our foundations and its impact on us, the measure of us.

Music is a discipline and a mistress of order and good manners; she makes the people milder and gentler, more moral and more reasonable said Martin Luther.

The melody, tone and lyrics of this single enables you to reflect on a past not one filled with bad fortune but one which was necessary for you to become who you are now and the man you will eventually become.

Cario laments that as an individual, we all had or have our own struggles as we seek to make life better. Its not the journey that's important rather the destination.

Cario's simplicity and firm foundation and belief & faith in Christianity instilled by his parents is the motivation and therapeutic relief which propels him in his quest to leave a musical legacy compared to none.

A voice which is tropically relaxing yet heavenly rewarding.


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