Tuesday, May 1, 2012

International reggae recording artist Kareem Dawkins more popularly known as Q.Q is back in Jamaica and ready to rebuild his musical career, this after being overseas for several months.

According to Q.Q his time away from Jamaica was spent working on other projects. "I return to Jamaica about 2 weeks ago to basically reconnect with the local fans and my fellow artists. For the last couple of months I was in New York working with a record label on producing an album for the U.S market".

Now putting all his effort in promoting his brand new single entitled "Toe Point" which is a production of S Lock Entertainment / Starkutt Records Q.Q completed a 2 day video shoot over the weekend with video production company Icey Jace Film Factory. The video was shot across several locations including Caymanas River, Downtown and in Temple Hall.


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