Monday, April 23, 2012

Manchester based recording artist Rohan Lee otherwise known as Lee'tal is slowing making his way into the local spotlight, this time with his his new single entitled "Represent" which is featured on his "Looking Down On The Sky" EP.

The song which has been getting good feedback along with the supporting video which was shot by directors Junior Flex and Winston Price is Lee'tal's first major effort since the start of the year and is merely a small taste of big things to come in the near future.

Lee'tal who has always been a go-getter from birth working over the years developing his musical knowledge has experience enormous growth in since he started getting involved in recording and producing from 2006. Fed up with the traditional Jamaican music industry he made the decision to empower himself by further confirming his direction by learning and harnessing the skills of a producer / audio engineer.

When asked his views on the present state of the music industry Lee'tal stated "The music industry is a game of chest, a game that requires strategy, a game of pawns and many other positions, my strategy is always to think like a King.

“My talent is a light given to me by God, my duty is to shine it for the world to see and uplift people.”


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