Young Cashino releases new video "Money Cyaan Dun"

Monday, March 19, 2012

(Shuzzr PR / MPR Consulting): The reach of Reggae and Dancehall has no bonds. As its the one thing the World can quickly identify with Jamaica apart from Bob Marley and our Marijuana (Ganja / Weed).

Europe is now dubbed by many as the second home of Reggae Dancehall as it host major festivals, show, concerts headline few our locals acts and showcasing emerging and establish talents there that has adopted the Reggae Dancehall Culture and made it their own.

Young Cashino Born as "Julian King" is a young Dancehall/Reggae artist from Amsterdam, Netherlands. He is considered one of the most uprising artists of this moment. With tracks like "Go Go", "Mi Want", "Hate Me Now" (Fast Lane Riddim) and his latest club hit "Mi Nuh Inform " this young artist is certainly making a name for himself in the music scene.

His passion for music started when he rolled with one of his classmates that was connected to the crew called "Higher Level". Cashino quickly learned the ins and outs about voicing on beats and was soon an familiar face in their studio.

With the experience that he build, he went his own way, recorded his own songs and soon linked up with "DJ Royalee" that would mix his first mixtape: "Faya Sound".

The mixtape got a major buzz due to the track called " Hotter Than The Rest", which was also an exclusive track on DJ Jah and DJ Linkup (Amsterdam selectors) mixtapes.

Young Cashino performed at Jamrock Parties, warmed-up for Elephant Man and did a few shows with KaliBwoy. He also shot 2 video's: "Mi Want", "Hate Me Now" (Fastlane Medley) and did numerous projects with artist such as: Maikal X, Prince Of Beats, Royston Williams, Lea Man-Gand KaliBwoy.

The future is looking bright for Young Cashino. He's got a brand new mixtape out called "STASH", and has already dropped 3 video’s “I Know What You Want”, “Money Cyaan Dun” and “ What I Have Become” after the official release. Four more video’s are coming out and Young Cashino is not standing still, because he is already busy with his next mixtape “STASH 1.3”.

As Young Cashino would say: "Consistency and motivation is the key!!"

"Money Caah Dun" Video was produced by Fullyloaded and was shot in No Limit studio Amsterdam its like a radio station.

Young Cahino described the video say "its a mixtape video i make a lot of these its not about the quality but just that people can hav a look at me and get to know me i have a lot of these kind of videos"


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