RDX: Something A Little Different

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

(Shuzzr PR & MPR Consulting): With this new single comes a not so typical sound you would get from any Dancehall Artist / Group, especially those who rose to stardom came from core dancehall music. RDX however has recently released a song titled "Always" from their upcoming Studio Album "Soul Poetry" which shows a different side of the group.

The video for "Always" debut on Saturday March 2nd on D'WRAP ;one of Jamaica's Top Entertainment Programmed hosted by Saudicka Diaram. The video was shot in Warsaw Poland, while the group was on a European tour. RDX wanted to bring a different concept and demonstrate their limitless potential by incorporating more than the typical dancehall atmosphere that they are know for.

Directed by Konrad Werkowicz from Poland, the video and single explores the reasons why people stay in love. The simple and unusual complexities that diversifies and help to transcend a relationship to higher heights which lead to the forging of two spirits into one, therefore love becomes inevitable.

RDX states that "the song was inspired by us realizing that most men such as ourselves are afraid to tell their female companions how they really feel and that most men aren't good at expressing their feelings either".

The 14 track Album is being produced by I-Strong, Blaqk Sheep and Apt.19 and is set for released this summer. A testament of the group's versatility, the dynamic group further stated "Soul Poetry is just poetic music from the soul for the soul. Powerful messages inspired by the varying colours of life."  
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