Thursday, March 1, 2012

Midilord Inc. is proud to announce that Camille Kaye has been nominated as “2011’s Best Female Artist” at the Official Mixtape Awards for her mixtape “Bad Nuh…!

Camille Kaye’s nomination as “2011’s Best Female Artist” by the Official Mixtape Awards further endorses how amazing her mixtape is. The Bad Nuh…! mixtape is a refreshing half hour collection of classic reggae and dance hall instrumentals, remixed by Duane “Midilord” Summers who has worked with artist like Sean Paul, Shaggy and Slick Rick. These remixed rhythms were then layered with Camille’s signature style of blending R&B singing with dance hall chanting. Download your copy at

“Camille fills a void in todays music, she is Lauryn Hill, Diana King, and Patra in one package.” - Duane “Midilord” Summers-Manager

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Camille Kaye was first introduced to Dancehall producer Supahype of 007 Music. She worked with him along with other local producers until leaving for Florida to attend Florida International University (FIU) in 2007. While attending FIU, Camille worked with Dancehall producer Nynex of Calibur Entertainment who pro produced “Ring Di Alarm”. Then she met Duane “Midilord” Summers, a producer/engineer and former production manager and engineer for Dancehall/Reggae superstars Sean Paul and Shaggy. Midilord produced her other release “Not Like This” and is now closely working with Camille to further build her career.

The Official Mixtape Awards is the first initiative to actively recognize, promote, and celebrate Mixtapes and its contributors. The Official Mixtape Awards is based in the UK and mainly recognizes mixtapes in the UK. Camille Kaye is the only Jamaican artist not based in the UK to get this prestigious nomination. The awards show sets it self apart from others because we displayed artists that continuously freely express a hunger, rawness, realness and uncompromising lyrics.


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