Chino Releases New "Hustler" Video

Friday, March 16, 2012

Dancehall and reggae artiste, Chino McGregor has released a new video for one of his latest singles, Hustler.

The video concept, like the lyrics, pays homage to all ambitious persons and is reminiscent of another of his singles, Work, which was not only featured on his US album, Chino, but also makes a brief appearance at the end of theHustler video.

The single, Hustler, which was produced by Stephen "Di Genius" McGregor while the video was directed by Michael "Biggz" Burbridge, will make its debut on TV screens this weekend. Chino says, "Since its release, Hustler has been getting a lot of positive feedback. The lyrics are positive and optimistic and basically lets persons know that as long as it's honest work, they should be diligent and stick to it because they have to make it one day."

Also in the works is a video for the sultry new single, So Do I, by Chino and brother, Stephen. The single which was produced by Chimney Records was an instant hit with fans and as such, they opted to do a video for the track. Chino says, "There will be a lot of surprises in that video and a lot of well-known faces. I don't want to give too much away, but it's going to definitely be one to look out for."

The singer who returned from a number of concerts in Belize over the weekend, will again leave the island in a few days for his European tour.


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