Leighton: Life-A Remake Of A Pop Favorite

Sunday, February 12, 2012

New York-based reggae artist Leighton is turning heads and creating a stir with the release of his latest single, Life, a 2012 remake of an old pop favorite from the 1980s.

Life is an adaptation of a haunting and hypnotic love song that was a number one smash single on both sides of the Atlantic. It was written by the Bee Gees for Barbara Streisand's Grammy winning album "Guilty". Leighton brought the song back to life with his lush, velvety vocals skillfully guided by the direction of producer Nikimo Palache and ably assisted by veteran reggae recorder Ed Robinson.

Leighton hails from St. Elizabeth, Jamaica where he attended Munro College before migrating to the United States. But his vocal gifts were making jaws drop in Jamaican churches from he was seven years old. In New York, he was a member of his Long island high school choir doing Broadway tunes before joining an R & B band, and this early experience has greatly helped him to take on the fast-paced and demanding world of reggae.

Here is an interesting youtube clip of life below, and Leighton's next New York City appearance is on Saturday March 10 at the Linkage Radio Reggae Awards in Mount Vernon.


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