Thursday, February 23, 2012

New York based R&B sensation Duane Howard is finally back in Jamaica this time to promote his brand new EP album entitled "Blue Light"which is slated to be released in March on the Strauss Boyz Entertainment Label.

Howard who has been making a significant impact with his new singles "Gimmie Your Body" and "Above" is of Jamaican decent and has always maintained a connection to the reggae genre. In 2009 Howard collaborated with reggae singer Junior Kelly on the crossover track "How She Like It" which later went on to top several charts including the Island Fuse Top 10 Singles Chart.

The 5 track EP represents Howard's first major attempt at the mainstream market and plans are already underway to shoot a video in the island soon.

Howard who leaves the island on Friday describes his visit as a blessing. "I'm definitely gonna be in Jamaica like crazy, I love everything about Jamaica its really a blessing to see that everyone has been embracing my music here. I was at RJR radio studios recently and the disc jocks all love the music and I'm feeling the fan base growing".


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