Ninja Kid: 'Tongue Ring' Song?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Riding high with a cadre of hits such as: ‘Cups High’, ‘Menke’, ‘Internet Bad Boy’ and the Christopher Birch produced ‘Have Nuh Gal Like We’, established entertainer Ninja Kidhas released his first official single for 2012.

The song titled ‘Tongue Ring Shot’ is a very provocative number dedicated to the ladies who are wearers of the trendy body art.  Kid, whose given name is Ojukwu Simpson credits the current tongue ring and body piercing trend as the inspiration behind the composition.

“Almost every girl you meet or see nowadays have some kind of piercing and quite a few of them pierce their tongue. So I just sing a song about it and highlight what they doing and them seems to like it.”

Produced by Marcus Myrie, son of incarcerated Reggae superstar Buju Banton___ the song has already found its way onto the FM airwaves and local party circuit despite being only days old. “I played the songs for a wide cross-section of females to get feedback and they said they loved it, so based on that the decision was taken to release it as my first official single for 2012.” – Kid intimated.

Plans are also in motion for an accompanying video in the weeks ahead.  Meanwhile, Ninja Kid currently managed by Darkcide International has been working assiduously with a number of A-list producers such as: Stephen McGregor, Christopher Birch, DJ Smurf, Seanizzle, Marcus Myrie, Truckback Records, Young Veterans, Q45 Productions and Ballers Production among others.


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