Friday, January 27, 2012

YuhSeeYou Ent: Chilando Spencer, Jamaican born, recording artiste, music producer, tourism student will release his debut album In These Times as fifteen tracks that covers a wide genre of music from reggae, dancehall, reggae pop and culture. This album is based on what is happening In these times we are living in, that has, war, love, racism, money, political affairs, sex, crime and violence, hip trends, styles, fashions and new experiences we face in our everyday life. The first track on the album titled Nuh Like Wah Gwan produced by Show Di Vybz Records is sending the message of what is going on in Jamaicas government system and if should generalize on the matter it would be a global political issue that happens in most countries. Chilandos second track titled Need It Hard on the Shellingz Riddim produced by Gesta Music is a song where in a female requests love and affection from Chilando due to the fact that he pleased her intimately like no other man before. Chilando used his words carefully making the song perfect for a general audience.

The third track titled In These Times which is collaboration between Chilando and Krucial Konflicts recording artiste Deva Bratt on the Chalkine Riddim produced by Music 14 Production. The In These Times track is spreading love, prayer, unity among our nation, giving advices to the young and elderly citizens. The second verse of the song done by Chilando tells a story of a boy who did not obey is mother, who preaches violence and ended up losing his life. Number four on the Album titles Guh Fi My Own produced by Zum from Good Good Production/ BritJam is directed to friends and other patrons who goes to parties and other events depending on friends. This album as other tracks like Swagg Tun Up produced by El Toro Production from Russia, Money Mi A Pree, Wah Si Mi Dead, Hot Like Dat, Everyday We A Party and Chilandos second Collaboration with Frasswel titled Nuh Fren From Dem all produced by Show Di Vybz Records. With the song titled Run My Area Chilando shows is versatility and writing skills by using words that are not explicit or violent and still outline the point that he is in full control of his area/ community. In These Times debut album is a must have CD and is available online free for download.


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