Voicemail and Jusa Dementor Clap Your Hands For The Cause!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Jamaica’s Own Dancehall Reggae Fusion Group, “Voicemail” and Zimbabwe’s Own Ambassador of African Dancehall, Jusa Dementor, Team Up To Make Everyone Clap Their Hands For a Good Cause. ** 

The daughter has rejoined with her mother, the son has reunited with his father. Africa and the Caribbean have unified to recreate a bond between distant relatives, who share the same bloodline of royalty. Voicemail, hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, have come together with Jusa Dementor, hailing from Harare, Zimbabwe, to promote Dancehall music worldwide with the soon to be smash hit, "Clap Your Hands", now available for free download for a limited time only. With reggae music gaining popularity in Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean during the mid to late 20th Century, it was only natural to explode once it hit African Soil. With the help of reggae icons such as Bob Marley, Burning Spear, and Peter Tosh, to Dancehall greats such as Beenie Man, Buju Banton, and Sizzla, the popularity of reggae and Dancehall music has grown to tremendous heights throughout Africa as well as the rest of the world.

Produced by Jamaica's own Super Producer, Nicko Rebel, Clap Your Hands is a fun song that promotes unity amongst all people. No matter your nationality, language, color, or creed, we all can clap our hands together as one and have fun. Featuring Jusa Dementor, the African Dancehall Ambassador, representing Zimbabwe, supported by his business partner Abra Simzz, Abra Tribe has been instrumental in spreading Dancehall throughout Africa and the entire world. The Abra Tribe have made an impact globally, topping the musical charts in countries ranging from Zimbabwe, New Zealand, and Malaysia amongst many others. Clap Your Hands will be another in a long list of hits that Abra Tribe will produce for years to come.

Aside from promoting peace and unity, Clap Your Hands will also help to promote the health and wellness of those stricken with AIDS. The campaign titled, "Clap Away AIDS", will donate a portion of any money generated from Clap Your Hands to AIDS research throughout Africa as well as to orphans stricken with AIDS. Kuda Biza, also from Zimbabwe, along with DJ TK, from Trinidad, will involve AFR Clothing, which already has a track record for making generous donations to various orphanages throughout Africa, to the Clap Away AIDS campaign.

So everyone please Clap Your Hands for World peace and unity, and Clap Your Hands to help find a cure for AIDS.


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