Gramps Morgan: Rastafarians Use Nuff Ganja In Response to Denroy Morgan Arrest!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Veteran Jamaican singer Denroy Morgan, best known for the 1981 reggae-disco hit "I'll Do Anything For You" and the father of the sibling reggae group Morgan Heritage was arrested on Wednesday, September 13, charged with possession of marijuana.

According to numerous media reports said to have come from police records, Morgan, 66, was seen leaving a Bronx New York house carrying a shrink-wrapped brick of compressed marijuana. Police followed Morgan's car and pulled him over after he ran a stop sign. The stench of marijuana permeated the vehicle's interior and after some questioning, two bags of the herb weighing 25 lbs were discovered in the car's trunk. When police returned to the Bronx house that Morgan had left earlier, they allegedly found 310 lbs of marijuana with an estimated street value between $140,000 and $351,000. Wayne Sway, 46, was also arrested following the search.

On Friday, September 16, Morgan was released on $8,000 bail.

Roy "Gramps" Morgan, the eldest son in Morgan Heritage, has dismissed the widely circulated version of events leading to his father's arrest as "baloney." He declined to offer specific details, due to the pending court case, the date of which has not been set.

"That is not what really happened, but that is what the media does; they fabricate stories, because they have to sell papers," said Gramps, via telephone. "Rastafarians use 'nuff ganja, that is a reality, it is part of our holy sacrament."


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