Yaadcore: 'This Is Protoje'

Monday, September 12, 2011

More than half a year has gone by since Protoje dropped his album sampler on the streets, physically and virtually. For many of his supporters, it was their first interaction with the work of Yaadcore, the selector whose services were enlisted to mix the five already popular songs with intertwined dashes of the singer's commentary about each of them.

Afterwards, The Seven Year Itch album, produced by Don Corleon, dropped to much fanfare and Protoje has since done quite a bit of globetrotting, making appearances in at least 5 European nations and French Guiana on the South American continent. Only a few days after his second consecutive Sumfest appearance on Saturday, July 23, the dub rock artiste has teamed up with Yaadcore once again to create another musical gem: This is Protoje. This time listeners are treated to a barrage of tracks from Protoje's catalog with limited talking. In addition to tracks from The Seven Year Itch, there are also other songs like Take Control and collaborations with Ky-Mani Marley Rub-A-Dub Soldier, Don Corleon Our TimeCome and Keida All Again.

The project is the brainchild of Yaadcore (who recently altered his artistic name by eliminating the "Rory"), who had a specific vision. One of the few tunes accompanied by narration is, Wrong Side of the Law, which illustrates the general approach.

"With Wrong Side of the Law for example, I basically employed a reasoning method," said Yaadcore. "I just pressed record and we just started reasoning and that way Diggy talk 'bout the true story behind the tune."

It was during such a recording that a young lady called Yaadcore's phone. He intuitively put her on speakerphone and she was surprised to speak to Protoje personally. It was an invaluable happenstance that ended up being included on This is Protoje.

Yaadcore's 1 3 Wednesdays radio show airs weekly from 7pm to 10pm on Bess 100 FM, and he is getting ready to drop the first in a series of culture mixes called Reggae Aroma.

This is Protoje is a free mixtape, available for download at Protoje's official website,www.protoje.com. The singer will be performing at the renown Garance Reggae Festival in France on July 30, to kickstart his European Summer Tour. Download here


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