ZJ Wah Wa Statement About Aidonia Beating Incident.‏

Monday, August 22, 2011

Prism: On Monday morning (August 4th) it was brought to our attention that an article posted on the website‘one876entertainment.com’ suggested that popular radio jock and selector ZJ Wah Wa was attacked by a group of men said to be under alcoholic influence because he disrespected them. These allegations are farthest from the truth and as such we would like to provide some clarity regarding the situation.

On Friday, August 19, 2011 - ZJ Wahwa played on the radio (Zip FM) from 10pm – 2am then departed for the Quad Night club where he was contracted by Mr. Corey Todd to render musical services. After completing his set (which contained a plethora of Aidonia songs). He departed the DJ Booth and was seen in dialog with Aidonia who was in the club with a substantial entourage. Following the exchange he was approached by several members of the deejay’s entourage who assumed an aggressive posture and starting pulling him towards the back of the club accompanied by an array of derogatory verbiage.

Heading towards the back parking area of the club he discovered an even larger group of men was outside awaiting him and had intentionally blocked in his car from the sides and front with their bodies and vehicles to prevent his departure. The men then held onto Zj Wah Wa and said “p*ssy guh suck yuh mada memba yuh a nuh badman”, Wah Wa responded, while trying to enter his vehicle in the present of Aidonia and his brother/road manager Lav (who claims he was not present nor have knowledge of the incident in Monday’s edition of the Jamaica STAR). His car window was jammed on the driver’s side with an alcoholic beverage bottle while being hit in the head several times by the group as both Aidonia and his brother Lav (who was instrumental in the melee) watched without regard.

Thankfully, it was the quick thinking of some fans of Wah Wa who noticed what was unfolding and held off a few of the men allowing the zip jock to escape, knives were pulled at them and one of Wah Wa rescuers was boxed by Aidonia when he exclaimed to the entertainer “if a this a what it come to ..why dem a deal with the radio man so.”

ZJ Wah Wa said during the uproar he also noticed one of the men with a projectile resembling a firearm. When the melee ended, the partially unconscious radio jock was rushed to the St. Andrew Memorial Hospital by his management where he received twelve (12) stitches to the head.

For some time now the popular Zip jock has been receiving threats including a Blackberry message from the camp stating “wait a Gaza yuh say” to which he responded “A music me say” while in another instance ZJ Wah Wa and his management were told “no man nuh hail me” by a prominent member of the deejay entourage.

The matter has since been reported to the Half-Way Tree police station.  The management of ZJ Wah Wa would also like to categorically state that the zip jock is NOT a member of the Aidonia led Jag One Production (J.O.P) camp nor is dancehall artiste Chedda both of whom are signed and managed solely by Shadow of Darkcide International.


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