What Big Announcement Does Mavado Have To Make?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Caribbean Lifestyle Media: In a recent statement Mavado said “We have a lot of deals and endorsements in the pipeline and I'm confident of a big announcement very soon. I’m mostly in the US now recording in studios, getting a lot of offers for features and lining up for the show I have coming up. I'm just going to be making great music and push it to where I want to be”.  

We are aware that Mavado recently teamed up with DJ Khaled on a new tune called "Emergency"  but that still does not answer the question, what is the big announcement?  Here is what we do know, One by One with Laza Morgan is probably one of the hottest tunes the team here at Caribbean Lifestyle Media have heard in a long time. Mavado is now free to travel back and forth to the US, which opens up many more opportunity for him.  He recently gave us some insight, “The NY market is important to any act. NY accepted me as an artiste since 2005 when I bussed with Real McCoy and they have stayed loyal to me since then. It has such a large Caribbean population also so I have a huge fan base here, as well as a massive crossover audience. As the saying goes - If you can make it NY you can make it anywhere!” 

It appears that Mavado is set on making it happen in NYC and we will keep you updated on that big announcement when it happens. In the meantime, check out all things Mavado here: Mavado


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