Where Will Mavado Perform In US First For 2011?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

**Photo by Hot 97 (NYC)
Caribbean Lifestyle Media: Mavado finally made the pilgrimage to music mecca New York City on Hot 97 show with Massive B. The question that is on the lips of many is, where will he perform first?  Last year (2010) Irie Jam Media decided not to keep it's annual installment of Irie Jamboree.  The dancehall/reggae industry saw some of its brightest stars grounded due to issues with their visas. 

Bobby Clarke CEO of Irie Jam Media gave some insight into what maybe bubbling behind the scenes. "We all woke up to the news last Saturday morning that Mavado had secured his visa and was in fact here in the USA. I can tell you we have already spoken to Mavado's manager Julian Jones Griffith numerous times about booking him for our event. He definitely is interested in performing. Discussions are still in progress but I will be the first to let you know once we have a signed contact".

Clarke further clarified, "He is still one of the hottest acts currently in the game. The fact that he has not performed in this market in such a long time makes him very attractive to us. And if you recall, we were the ones to book Mavado for Irie Jamboree 2008, almost one year after his visa was first revoked. We worked hard with his management team to make his appearance at that the festival a reality. It would be great to have him perform at Roy Wilkins Park again in 2011".

At Caribbean Lifestyle Media we are sure Clarke is not the only promoter who is attempting to make the first event with Mavado happen. Not having a visa for a year or so is proving to be a plus for the Gully team. The demand for Mavado to perform in places like NYC, Connecticut, Boston, and New Jersey is certainly at its peak.  Currently Mavado is currently promoting latest single Delilah and Gyal wine, preview them all here:  Mavado


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