Kevin "PayDay": Responds To Chase Cross Bounty Killer Diss Record

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Caribbean Lifestyle Media: Alliance member and Managing Director of Payday Music - Kevin Austin, whose name was mentioned in a recent diss track by Gully Squad artiste Chase Cross seemingly aimed at Bounty Killer has issued a statement to the media in an effort to clear his name.

According to Austin, “I don’t know the song nor did I produce it. I was only made privy to its existence through a friend. I don’t know why the artiste decided to record such a song.”

Austin further elaborated, “Me good with everybody, including Bounty Killer and Mavado. Right now a just music and unity me a promote”.

Alliance Frontman Julian Jones-Griffith took to his twitter page to state: "AllianceGully is a family sumtimes yungsters in any family do tings that displease the elders. Wen they can tek reasonin an grow it positive". Griffith went on to say, "He [Chase Cross] told Mavado about it and singer told him scrap that. Chase agreed an buried it but apparently engineer saved a copy an it now leaked".

While Jones-Griffith presented as if there is no conflict between Mavado and Bounty Killer.  It is undeniably that this latest record (Chase Cross-Mash Up Everything) from their own camp says otherwise. As we speak, RJR reported that Mavado is now wanted for questioning in an unrelated incident by St. James police.


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