NEWS: VP Records Sue Kemar "Flava" McGregor

Monday, June 6, 2011

Caribbean Lifestyle Media: On June 1st, 2011 a lawsuit by Daniel J. Aaron, PC on behalf of VP Music Group, Inc; Greensleeves Records Limited, and Greensleeves Publishing alleged that Kemar McGregor/No Doubt Records, LLC/Flava Records, LLC are "fraudalent serial re-sellers of music rights, who pocketed plaintiffs' money and proceeded to resell the same rights to others, at least six of which were identified."

On June 24th, 2010, we published the precursor to the ongoing battle between VP Records and Kemar McGregor.  At that time Kemar stated that VP Records had been "shutting down producers and claiming that they own the rights to their music" and in that statement he included producer Don Carleone who provided us with a statement then to refute McGregor's allegations.  It is being reported that Flava McGregor pocketed the sum of "two hundred ninety thousand dollars in exchange for the exc1usive worldwide master and publishing rights in a large number of Jamaican musical works."

VP Record in their lawsuit states that the "Defendants (Kemar McGregor/No Doubt Records, LLC/Flava Records, LLC) granted VP Music and Greensleeves Records exclusive ownership rights in and to the master recordings, including the exclusive right to manufacture, distribute, sell, advertise and exploit the masters throughout the world in digital and/or physical formats."  The court documents states, the Defendants ((Kemar McGregor/No Doubt Records, LLC/Flava Records, LLC) have created a legal mess for Plaintiffs (VP Music Group) by repeatedly trying to obtain new advances from unsuspecting third parties. When the Plaintiffs wanted to speak privately in order to resolve the conflicting claims that the Defendants created, the Defendants chose to interpret Plaintiffs' willingness to resolve matters as an admission that Plaintiffs had no rights at all.

At this time it is unclear of how this will end, however, this is the music business folks and the inner dealings of how Intellectual property rights may not be fought on the shores of Jamaica but in the back yard of New York City (pun not intended).  The Reggae/Dancehall Music business is International (if you didn't know) and so are the ramifications. Caribbean Lifestyle Media will keep you posted.

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