NEWS: Mavado Cleared Of Destruction Of Property Charges

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Caribbean Lifestyle Media:  The gully Gad was in St. Ann Bay Court this morning after he was charged in a nightclub incident for destruction of property about two weeks ago.  Mavado's case was thrown out.

In a prepared statement Mavado told us, "I am relieved its over at the first appearance, but I am not surprised. I was surprised when i was charged, but I knew the truth would come to light and I would be quickly vindicated. Although it appears at times we get a fight I had to keep faith that the Jamaican justice system would rightly set me free. I damaged nothing or no-one so I just remained confident with that knowledge. To God be the glory."

Mavado released his latest single "Delilah"  is now available. Preview all things Mavado here: Mavado


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