BUZz: Emerging artist Eva Hype Release New Single-Something About Her

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Upcoming artiste Eva Hype continues to make strides in the Jamaican music industry on the heels of the viral success of his debut mixtape Music and Her, and his breakout single entitled Lovers Go. The video for Lovers Go now stands at a staggering number of over 12,400 views and counting. In addition to his viral success, Eva Hype has gained placements in both the Jamaica Observer’s “TEENage Observer” and the Jamaica Gleaner’s “Youthlink”.

An astounding aspect of the feat abovementioned is the fact that Eva Hype has been able to gain such traction without the backing of a major Jamaican entity or radio spins locally. One also cannot forget the fact that at the age of 18, he has been able to balance a fast developing music career and the rigors of his studies as an upper sixth form student at the prestigious Wolmer’s Boy’s School. 

Eva Hype is a true embodiment of the next generation of musicians that seek to fuse different genres of music without losing the identity of his dancehall foundation. This can be found not only on his mixtape Music & Her and his first single Lovers Go, but also his promo singles March On and Something About Her.
Persons can expect in the pipeline for Eva Hype a highly anticipated appearance on the official remix to Konshens & Voicemail’s touted single Last Drink, and an official release for his next single Hello Heartbeat.
  Eva Hype - Something About Her by Our Dancehall 


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