BUZz: Alaine Makes A Statement With Recent Song Tahrir Square

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Caribbean Lifestyle Media:  Reggae songstress Alaine recently released a new single inspired by the recent events in Cairo, Egypt titled "Tahrir Square" on her 1Thirty One label.  Alaine released a statement,  “Thousands of people gathered in Tahrir Square and peacefully and successfully protested against the 30 year tyranny of the Mubarak led dictatorship. They set an incredible example for the world to follow. Tahrir means liberation and there are many obstacles that we can overcome in our everyday life if we stand in a consciousness of liberation. Know that you are free and no chains can bind you.”

In the coming months there will be a video release for the single. Previous release from Alaine is You Are Me Album. Download here: You Are Me - Alaine


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