VIDEO BUZz: Wasp - The Government [Official Video]

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Caribbean Lifestyle Media: There are times when we can scratch our heads and quarrel about the state of Dancehall music; however, Wasp is one who is being pro-active with his message and clearly has decided to make music that speak of the harsh realities of what is going with the Jamaican government.  In the current music climate a song like "Government" by Wasp may not get the air play or garner the attention as his counterparts, but we know a good song when we hear it.  Yet, those who criticize Dancehall music may not give "Government" by Wasp a listen or much less watch the video and say yes here is the potential of Reggae's little brother.  Nevertheless, Wasp recently shot this video in Half Way Tree and has a few cameo which includes Fantan Mojah, Kibaki, Macka Diamond.  The video was directed by Road Block Films crew. Enjoy: 


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