News: VP Records and Third World Release New Album Through Independent Deal

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Caribbean Lifestyle Media: VP Records appear to be looking for creative ways to still be miles ahead in Reggae music. The legendary band Third World recently released their 23rd album titled "Patriots" on their own imprint Third World Music Group. The album will get a special push by VP Records newly formed subsidiary VP Associated Label Group (VPAL).
"VPAL arrangements mirror what VP Records deals offer; royalties and publishing get embedded into the agreement at the same rate and advances are based on an artist's track record and projected success, the difference is in the marketing and promotional resources: I advise the artist/label of my plans to get their project off the ground and ask if they are comfortable with the plan of action because all services rendered are considered recoupable expenses." 

The album "Patriot" is available for purchase Amazon and Apple iTunes


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