DJ BUZz:BRUCKI Release A Slew Of Mixes

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Caribbean Lifestyle Media: The ever outspoken Dj Brucki have steadily released a few mixes geared at the music lovers who can appreciate anything from Dancehall to R & B.  We asked DJ Brucki to provide us with a list of his mixes so our audience can enjoy as well.


FUTURISTIC LOVE 4 (R&B) - download

STRAIGHT FIRE (Hip-Hop) - download

FLASHBACK REGGAE (90's) - download

FLASHBACK DANCEHALL (90's) - download

BACK ON MY BS (Hip-Hop) -download

Be sure to look out for these future mixes from Dj Brucki: "SPREAD" - A Hip-Hop/R&B tape (Cover - and "BREAKING ALL THE RULES" - A Fusion of dancehall, hip-hop, & electro, with my own refixes/mashups (Cover -


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