BUZz: Mavado Did A Track With Jay-Z Titled Honor Hov?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Caribbean Lifestyle Media: In the midst of an interview with Hot 97 crew, Jay-Z made the mistake of stating that he recorded a track with Vybz Kartel.  Alliance Jamaica frontman Julian Jones-Griffith took to his twitter page to refute and correct the story to state that Jay-Z did in fact do a song with Mavado.  Well, it seems that whichever side you rather, the Gully or Gaza, it appears that Julian was not just crying foul for the sake of protecting his artist. 

Young Guru the producer for the actual track titled "Honor Hov" featuring Mavado stated, "I was gonna correct Jay, it was not Vybz Kartel, it was Mavado".  Guru then went on to talk about the Gaza, Gully thing being similar to the East Coast/West Coast beef.  The video is below curtesy of The Hip Hop Chronicles UK and the statement can be heard at 4:40 minutes in:


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