BUZz: Trinity Chris Showing A Good Time

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Trinity Chris, one of Canada’s most successful Dancehall Reggae artists is ready to return to the limelight after a 2 year hiatus with a fresh new look and a fresh new sound – Most celebrated for his patriotic 2005 release “The Anthem (An Ode to Canada)” and his 2007 Juno nomination for Reggae Recording of the Year with “In The Streets” featuring fellow Canadian Reggae artist Blessed, Trinity Chris is ready to re-emerge into the spotlight once again with a high-energy, Caribbean infused dance track entitled “Good Time” - (An Ode to Jersey Shore).

The song pays homage to newcomer Deena Nicole Cortes along with one of the ladies’ favourites, Pauly D of the virally popular MTV reality show Jersey Shore. With references to “Blast in a Glass”, “grenades” and the “Jersey Turnpike”, Trinity Chris aimed to create a danceable track that took influence from the fist-pumping cast of one of the wildest and most-watched programs on television. With a keen interest in blending musical genres, Trinity Chris fused the fast-paced bpms of electronic dance music with his booming vocals to create a song that appeals to the masses.

“The time has come for me to return to the industry that embraced me once before. I am focused, amped and ready to resurrect myself as the artist that I along with my fans and supporters know I can be. I love music, and there was no way I could stay away any longer.” – Trinity Chris, Canadian singer/songwriter.

  Good Time - Trinity Chris by Trinity Chris 

“Good Time” is the lead single in a series of new music by Trinity Chris. For general information about Trinity Chris and/or booking info, please email


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