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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

For someone who is little known outside of the music industry, Sherieta Lewis’s list of accomplishments is quite impressive.  Gifted writer, arranger and outstanding singer, Sherieta has worked with some of the biggest names in the Jamaican music fraternity.

In her role as writer, she has penned lyrics or co-written for several well-known acts such as Etana (Warrior Love), Luciano (No Evil) and a few songs for Jah Cure including Freedom and the hit song, ‘You’ll Never Find’.  She has also managed to establish successful relationships with top class producers such as Dean Fraser, Mikie Bennett, Christopher Birch and Donovan Germaine which has so far led to release three singles; ‘Lies’, ‘In the name of your Love’ and more recently, ‘Reggae is Life’.

As a vocalist, she has performed with some of the industry’s best.  She has opened for and worked with internationally acclaimed reggae crooner, Tarrus Riley between 2007 and 2010, an opportunity which has allowed her exposure to audiences in Europe, North America and the Caribbean.  In addition to Riley, Sherieta has also worked with a long list of well-known names including Diana King, Beenie Man and Mr. Vegas.

Also in 2007, Sherieta made the international top 20 list on the BBC’s international talent competition, ‘The Next Big Thing’ with her original song, ‘I Wish’.


Against the background of this overwhelming success, Sherieta is ready to emerge from beyond the shadows, taking on the lead role she so often was support for.  With a self-defined style she has termed ‘soul-jaying’, her every intention is to make memorable, enjoyable music.  Says Sherieta, “I’ve often been described as a soulful singer and I often combine this with a soft-core version of deejaying, hence soul-jay”. She couples this style with everyday experiences and realities, creating songs that are loved by her small but ever increasing fan base.

A positive individual with a strong belief that good music can change the world, Sherieta’s ultimate desire is to gather a catalogue of excellently written and produced music inspired by the experiences of those around her.

For bookings contact: Island Star Records, Tel: 1-860-989-2096 or 1-876-298-1622.  Emails may also be sent to or visit and


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