BUZz: IShawna And Busy Signal Do It?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Caribbean Lifestyle Media: Ishawna who recently performed at the EME Awards recently teamed up with Busy Signal to remix single, "Do It".  Ishawna released a statement: "I shot a video for Legendary in November with director Icey Jace and it became the talk of the the town, it really launch me out their as an artist and had everyone using the word Legendary to describe something good especially the female fans its like an epidemic, so I coming into 2011 we did some more recordings and now I have 3 new singles out. I have an acoustic ballad called "Love" and a sexy track called "Let You In" which I did for Jam 2 Records and there is that wicked collab "Do It" with Busy Signal which I recorded for Baby G. My single with Taz called "New Page" is also getting alot of radio rotation".

Solid Agency told us: "With the Easter season only a few weeks away Ishawna has already accumulated several show dates and will be working on other projects for producers Payday Music, Chimney Records, Jam 2 and Jah Snow Cone Productions in the near future."  Listen to the song here. Puchase other singles here.


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