BUZz:: DJ Khaled Invites Mavado To His Welcome To My Hood Remix

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mavado @ Video Shoot. Photo by Alliance JA
Caribbean Lifestyle Media: DJ Khaled invited Dancehall artist Mavado to his "Welcome to my hood" remix which features Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Plies and T-Pain and a slew of others.

DJ Khaled who is President for Def Jam South said, "Everybody's saying they love Mavado's verse, the remix has been getting crazy reaction and rotation since it dropped and the Gully Gad is a big part of that. I'm a big fan of Mavado's and his flava on the record just adds that different edge."

There are plans to shoot a video for the single, Mavado's manager told us: "since Mavado is presently unable to travel to the US his part will be specially shot in Jamaica by a local director and slotted in."  This is another opportunity to use technology, with these options who needs a visa. 

According to Mavado,  "Its a great feeling for the Star Boy to be on a record with such a list of stars, na mean, it helps position my career right in the mainstream as the record is getting crazy airplay on radio in America already. When my manager told me Khaled called him, I just did it same time without even knowing who else was gona be on the remix. Khaled always does his thing larger than life but the result is bigger than I was even expecting, it hot like pepper."  Listen to the song here or purchase the original single here.


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