BUZz: Alliance Jamaica Introduces New Girl Group-KGN 21

Friday, February 4, 2011

Caribbean Lifestyle Media: Alliance Jamaica recently tried something a little different in a Jamaican Dancehall/Reggae industry which has seen very little girl groups on the scene. We were told that members
Sashe, Kerise and sisters Kuchi and Sheena, hail from some of the toughest parts of Kingston, are taking a no-nonsense approach to their music, the business and life itself.

Member Kuchi stated,  "We represent the new generation of females and our music reflects that. We're all about fun, independence and portraying a positive, powerful image for all the females out there, with plenty of eye candy for the guys too! We like to show our sexy side but in a tasteful way."

In regards to their name KGN 21, Sashe said, "Kingston's zip codes only go up to 20, but we have our eyes set on the rest of the world too, so we thought KGN 21 was an appropriate name."

About song Boom Boom

Their debut single "Boom Boom," produced by Grammy-winning legends Sly & Robbie, announces their intentions in no uncertain terms. A catchy, poppy hook laced with hardcore Jamaican spice, "Boom Boom" got its worldwide premiere via US mainstream radio, courtesy of Nikki Z on her primetime morning slot on HOT 93.7 FM. Locally IRIE FM's DJ Sunshine and ZIP Jock Sparks have been showing the single a lot of love already. Sponsors of this post: Satellite Direct (Ad).


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