Exclusive Listen: JC Lodge and Daughter Gia Ré make sweet music

Monday, January 24, 2011

Gia Ré and JC Lodge-back in the day
Caribbean Lifestyle Media: JC Lodge is at it again, this time with her daughter Gia Ré -with two new releases on Tippa Irie's "UK Flu Riddim".  This exclusive listen features: 1. Destiny by JC Lodge 2. Love Rewind (UK Flu Riddim) by JC Lodge 3. Shine (UK Flu Riddim) by Gia Ré 4. Coulda Been Love by Gia Ré.  Destiny is the lead single from JC Lodge's upcoming album called Passion Fruit, set to be released in Spring 2011.

We were told JC Lodge has been busy "re-establishing herself in the Far East - with shows notably in Thailand, Japan and Hawaii - JC has her sights firmly set on North America and Europe this year, with the added mission of introducing her dynamic daughter's phenomenal Live act to new audience."  Enjoy the exclusive listen


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