Friday, January 7, 2011

Caribbean Lifestyle Media-Every year Tony Rebel announces the line up for Rebel Salute concert to those anticipating the positive vibes that the concert brings yearly. This year Tanya Stephens was including in the line up on all the promotional material; we are told that by Tanya Stephens publicist-Bluentprint: The artiste's camp was recently made aware that her images and tracks were being utilized in advertisements for the upcoming January 15 show. However, the promoter of the event, Mr. Patrick Barrett, known to fans as Tony Rebel has NOT to date, confirmed Stephens for the event.
It appears that there was a request for Tanya Stephen to perform at Rebel Salute but according to Stephens, "The only thing that confirms an engagement is a contract, so when they didn't contact us after, I assumed I wasn't on the show. Am I to assume that I am booked for any and all shows people call my manager about yet do not call back to confirm and send a signed contract? Do I just show up at these events because they called to enquire?"

While this is one side of the coin, Stephens went on to say, "I am weary of the bad business practices in Jamaica. There is no misunderstanding. We didn't have a discussion that I was booked for the show, neither did I sign a contract, yet I am being advertised and at the end of the day I get the bad rap when my fans do not know why I don't appear on some of these shows. I am not here to teach Jamaican people how to do business, but they will know how to do business with Tanya Stephens. My issue goes far beyond Tony Rebel not having the gall to call back and confirm or do things the right way, the issue of following protocol in the Jamaican music industry is my problem."
Tanya is scheduled to perform at other events in Jamaica but did not provide any insight to when and where those shows will be.


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