TIDBITS: Sadiki and Delly Ranks collaborate new album-FI DI DANCEHALL

Monday, December 6, 2010

Hot on the heels of his smash #1 Hit “African Queen” comes the brand new EP “Jamaican Queen” from the forthcoming album “FI DI DANCEHALL” — Sadiki & Delly Ranx. Since the release of his International Lovers Rock album “LIFELINE”, Sadiki’s dancehall fans have been left with an unfilled appetite.

They have been craving the crossover dancehall r&b tracks that Sadiki is accustomed to producing. Sadiki decided to “fill di gap”. He brought the idea of doing a collaborative album to Ace DJ Delly Ranx. Ranx immediately agreed. Within a week the album was not only underway, it was completely dun (finished)!!! The album will feature production from Delly Ranx, Lloyd Campbell & Jason Sterling & I Paul Gauntlet, Arif Cooper, Sadiki, Tarantula & Froggy of Madd Spider Entertainment. Fans can expect the album in early 2011. For now though, enjoy “JAMAICAN QUEEN”.


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