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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

MayBach Jamaica was founded by: Zion Lexx, who is Part of MayBach Music Group's Artist Magazeen's official team. Lexx represents MayBach Jamaica in NYC (United States), but his partner Racquel Anne Reynolds, Co-Founder of MayBach Jamaica, Represents MayBach Jamaica in the Island of Jamaica (& The entire Caribbean).

MayBach Jamaica is powered by Rick Ross & Magazeen and was created to fill the void in The View, Role, and Over All Contributions of Reggae Music Globally. Reggae Music on a whole has experienced a lot of Bias Media Attention. Most of our Music (Reggae) doesn't receive the Same/ Equal Rotation as other Genres of Music in Main Stream Radio and T.V Networks, who Claim that Reggae Music isn't in demand as others, which is why they don't give it equal rotation. But according to All of the International Music Stats, Reggae Music has been and is Still one of the Foremost "In-Demand" Genres of Music, Influencing not just the Trends and Cultures of Many Diverse Nationalities in the Global Music Communities, but also helping to Mold the Political/Social Views of these Cultures because of the Intense Message of Reggae Music, which from its on set, has been an Outlet for People to Express their "Free Opinions" to the Political Systems which Govern Several Cultures, who all share as a Common Denominator, many Political Injustices and Abuses of power from Unrestrained Governments.

MayBach Jamaica will therefore Lead and Pioneer the Effort to Restore the Balance, by tipping the Musical Scales in the direction of Acknowledging the Contributions of Reggae Music World Wide. Rick Ross Initiated this Effort with the Signing of Magazeen, the Very 1st Jamaican/Dance Hall Reggae Artist signed to MayBach Music Group by Ross himself. Magazeen's history thus Far Exemplifies the Vision of MayBach Jamaica. Magazeen, formerly known as Reagan, was already a Talented Artist in Jamaica before ever meeting Rick Ross. He has even graced the same Studio sessions with Vybz Kartel, who is barnone, One of Jamaica's Best Dance Hall Artists Ever! In 2009, Magazeen invited Rick Ross to Jamaica, where they Recorded a Song Entitled "7-11". It was here that Rick Ross got the opportunity to see live and "In Living Color" the Ghettos of Jamaica and it made a Deep impression on him as he already was a Fan of Reggae Music. Then in 2010 Rick Ross went on to Record with Jah Cure and Mavado, a Song entitled "Like I See it". Further attesting to Rick's having fully taken in the culture of Jamaica and its people and it becoming a Part of his general makeup.

This is what MayBach Jamaica wishes to Pioneer and Accomplish. We wanna show the international music community that when given a Fair Chance, Reggae Music has the Power to make a deep Impression on the Hearts and Minds of those who embrace it! We already have the International Networks in Place to make this Movement Successful in the Global Market. 


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