BUZz: Denyque makes a statement at Brooklyn Fashion Week

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fast rising Caribbean artiste Denyque last week returned to Jamaica from New York, having opened this year's Brooklyn Fashion Week. The Summer Love and Hooked On Me singer also completed a string of radio interviews, as her songs get more and more popular in the USA.

"It was really cool to be in New York and not only hear my songs playing on the radio, but also hearing persons singing along with it," Denyque said. She's right, as persons turned out in the chilly New York weather to see her walk out on the runway in a smashingly stylish creation by Simon Duncan.  

Performing the songs Not What I'm Used To and Hooked On Me, the singer had the audience and models hanging on each note, evidence that Denyque is truly a talent way beyond her years.The Brooklyn Fashion Week was conceptualized with the vision to accommodate and expose Brooklyn's local independent fashion and apparel, home, art and craft sector.

 Brooklyn, one of New York City's largest boroughs, also has a large Caribbean population."It was not a regular performance for me, as I did Not What I'm Used To acapella and the crowd really loved that, and then when I did Hooked On Me, I didn't expect persons to be singing along! That was just a great energy to feed off of, and I really just had some fun up there," commented the songbird. Denyque is enjoying a wave of success since this year. Her hit song Summer Love rang through radios and speaker boxes throughout the summer. Since then, she has put out more singles which are also racking up the hours in airplay and tipping the scales of popularity in her direction.

"The last few months have been crazy. I've been really putting in the hours inside the studio to make great music, and the work is paying off and more and more people are listening to my music and enjoying it, which is all I can really ask for," the singer gushed.

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