Monday, November 22, 2010

Cherine has gone all out dancehall on the brand new single titled "Make Up Sex" and it is hot. The song produced by Ward 21 was written by Cherine and recorded in Kingston, Jamaica at Ward 21's home studio.
"Make Up Sex" is a high energy feel-good jam, which speaks to the confident, no-nonsense woman who embraces the idea of having make up sex. The song is sexy without being raunchy, and skillfully plays with words to depict real life situations faced by many couples. Whilst this new hit will certainly have the ladies energized the men will equally be entertained by its intriguing nature.

"Make Up Sex" continues to show Cherine's versatility as a vocalist, by fusing dancehall with elements of soul and r&b among other things, further establishing her Dancehall-Soul sound. The infectious 'riddim' will keep many moving in the clubs and will certainly blaze the airwaves. The song has three mixes; a main 'rudegyal' mix, edited 'stush' mix as well as the 'Freak'n Club' mix.

"Make Up Sex" is poised to dominate the local music & entertainment scene especially with its soon to premiere hot video. The song has already been creating a buzz and is receiving positive reviews on popular sites such as youtube, twitter, facebook and other social networks. In only a few weeks it has gained popularity and was added to radio playlists in countries like Hawai and Kenya as well as some reggae and urban stations in the USA.

  Make Up Sex by CHERINE by Dancehall Soul Production 

**photo credit Ricardo "El Puru" Bailey


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