BUZzer: Bounty Killer arrested again

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The St Andrew North Police last night confirmed the arrest of dancehall entertainer Rodney Pryce, more popularly known as Bounty Killer. 

Deputy Superintendent Altermoth Campbell, anti-crime boss at the Constant Spring Police Station, said the entertainer was picked up after a female companion turned up at the station bleeding and reported that he had assaulted her. 

The incident occurred at his Oakland Apartments residence in St Andrew, police said."She turned up here sometime after six and said that he used a hammer to beat her up," Campbell said, adding that the woman was badly bruised and scarred when she reported the incident.He said that Pryce has been arrested and charged with wounding, and that he is in custody. He said Pryce should go before the courts sometime this week. Read More


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