Wednesday, September 8, 2010

 Caribbean Lifestyle Media-Austin "Pay Day" Green released a variety of riddims including the Billboard riddim EP in early summer.  His sights are clearly set on dominating the digital market via releases on Itunes and Amazon.

Green is recently released the State of Urgency Riddim.  State of Urgency features a hard hitting Dancehall tune by Bounty Killer called Fed-Upper, accompanied by hard hitting baselines and never ending lyrical rampage-this track carries the riddim by itself.  Other artists featured are Bling Dawg, Wayne Marshall, Nymron, and Bugle.

Green told us, "This State Of Urgency Riddim is a more in debt social commentary type of project. I wanted to send a message by giving the riddim a strong title that would make people listen and see the direction we "Jamaicans" going cause the time for positive change in theis country is now".  Green continued, "Definitely I wanna give thanks to all the artists for the strength and also the mainstream media. Nuff respect to people like Icey Jace for the PR and all the ZJ and DJ who play my music. Big up to Kris David who is creating some great beats and my street team of Bradey,DJ Jermaine, DJ Junior and Shortman".  State of Urgency is now available via Itunes and Amazon for download.


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