BUZz: Keldamuzik aka Diva Tour in St. Maarten

Monday, September 20, 2010

After touring in Barbados with Reggae singer Kirk Brown, Keldamuzik was invited back to the Caribbean to tour with artist Ku-J of the SXM Freedom Fighters Foundation in St. Maarten, Dutch side. Founder of Freedom Fighters, Roland Joe, better known as Ras Bushman respected Diva’s history and music, and decided that her visit to St. Maarten would be a great way to build a relationship with the California artist. Two events took place which were presented by Freedom Fighters, at the Alley Simpson Bay featuring Keldamuzik, Ku-J, Versatile, Ziggy Chang, hosted by DJ Suppa Kidd of Laser 101 and on the turntables was the famous cut creator of St. Maarten, DJ Outkast of Shadyville Caribbean DJ’s. The beach party concert, in which Keldamuzik and Ku-J performed at on Sunday, took place at Galion Beach in the French side of St. Maarten. Posters and flyers were spread throughout the island in numerous locations, and both events turned out to be a great success and woke up the island of St. Maarten, with not only great music but with the presence of Div

The first day started out with a Keldamuzik and Ku-J collaboration in the studio, song entitled “You Don’t Know Me”, which has the essence of Reggae/Hip Hop World vibe to it. The next day, was full of press and media interviews, with Oasis Radio, and Island 92. A couple visits to sponsors later that day were with Tony Halley, marketing director of Caribbean Liquors, who sponsored Diva and her crew with top shelf liquor beverages for their stay. The 2nd day contained interviews with Laser 101, SOS Radio and a TV guest appearance at AVS Productions. On the 3rd day of the visit, the meet and greets continued with sponsors such as Pineapple Pete’s Restaurant and Motor World, who all contributed to Diva’s stay. 

Magazines and media were so impressed with Diva, the Daily Herald decided to give her the front cover with more write ups to follow inside. The publication was distributed all over the island and even found in Diva’s hotel, Belair Beach’s front desk. At the end of the trip, the entire island was familiar with Diva and wanted more. Golddigga Entertainment gives special thanks to Ras Bushman and the Freedom Fighters Foundation for putting together such a successful campaign. The founder Roland Joe aka Ras Bushman was exploiting farming activities at St. Peters, Marigot Hill. Ras Bushman, born in Curacao, reached St. Maarten on the 3rd of June 1985, where he continued his agricultural activities at a succession land in Marigot Hill. Ras Bushman found the Rastafarian faith and culture in 1980 and reached St. Maarten in 1985.


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