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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Caribbean Lifestyle Media-Buju Banton is facing the darkest hours of his life at this point.  Tupac Amaru Shakur, "Me Against The World" comes to mind-Tupac created one of his finest  work of art while he was incarcerated.  Buju Banton as the world knows is facing charges on intent to distribute cocaine and conspiracy.  As we wait to hear the final statement from the Florida court.  Many anticipated a release on Friday (8/24/10) only to be disappointed as news broke that the jury had declared they could not reach an unanimous decision. In the meantime, Buju waits to hear if he has been granted bail. 

Banton release his ninth studio album today.  The album is titled, "Before the Dawn" and features songs like Rasta Can't Go where he chants..."to the highest of high...walk with you in darkness just to show you the light".  On "battered and bruised", Buju revealed a side of himself we have seen on previous tunes, his current situation makes this song even more relevant.  "Man if you are not careful, they lead you astray...take nothing for granted you maybe sorry."

If you listen to "In The Air" then the mood that Buju Banton sets for "Before the Dawn" is clear. Caribbean Lifestyle Media is aware that we are witnessing the work of a living legend. While our legends have legions of people who proclaim that they were perfect during life, Buju put all his vulnerabilities out there on this album for the world to witness him, Before the Dawn.  The album can be purchased at Amazon.


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