Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Caribbean Lifestyle Media-Solid Agency have been at the helm of the Reggae/Dancehall industry propelling careers of many.  Spawning spin offs like sitcoms, most notable Bounty Killer, Wayne Marshall, and Etana.  We recently learned that singer/songwriter Ishawna has official joined the Solid Agency team. Ishawna shared with the media her reason for joining Solid Agency, "Joining Solid Agency is a good move for me, a lot of people know the name Ishawna but not the face so coming to Solid was really to generate more interest in me and my music through Promotions and Bookings. I have complete faith in Sharon Burke and her team".

We were told that Ishawna is currently working on a video for her new single "Good Love" which is on Don Corleon's "Feminine Riddim".   Ishawna told us , "Right now we just waiting on the treatment from the video producers and once we get that we will start work on the video. Other hot tracks my fans can listen out for are "Who's That Girl" on Jam 2 "Sugar Cane Riddim", i have something on Baby G Badda Dan Riddim called "Legendary", "I Am The One" on the Generation Edge Riddim and "Not So Sure" on the Beech Root Riddim from Fagan Fraternity".


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