BUZz: Don Corleon Says There Is An App For That-Itunes Deal

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Don Corleon official app
Caribbean Lifestyle Media-In the Reggae/Dancehall media space very few take advantage of what the digital marketplace has to offer.  This next move by Don Corleon Records is a clear indication that he is raising the bar on digital release marketplace.  Don Corleon Records recently announce release an APP that will allow his music entire catalog to be accessed via Itunes.

While some are short-sighted, this move proves that there are creative ways to continue to market one's product in creative ways.  Corleon pointed out that that his label is the first music label in Jamaica to seal such a deal with the multinational corporation.  Specific to the Reggae Genre, it is also the first label of its kind – representing the Reggae genre – with this sort of presence on Apple’s iTunes media browser. Others, like New York based VP Records, have yet to do the same.

The App is free to download and includes Corleon's biography, photos, youtube, youtube videos, blog and twitter account. It is clear to us that Don is producing a digital experience reminiscent of the days when purchasing a album, cassette, or CD meant we can experience the entire package. The Don Corleon Records App can be downloaded onto the iPhone and iPod Touch devices as well as the recently released iPad tablet.


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