BUZz: Chevaughn Begins Tour With Jimmy Cliff

Monday, July 26, 2010

Vocalist Chevaughn Clayton better known as Chevaughn currently on tour with Reggae icon Jimmy Cliff last weekend left Canadians with what could go down as one of the most memorable performances of the 2010 Ottawa Bluesfest in Ottawa.

The festival which ran from July 6th – 18th saw some of the biggest and most eclectic names in entertainment gracing the stage from Black Eye Peas to new rap sensation Drake. However it was the final evening of the festival that turned out to be one of their best. Reggae and Ska legend Jimmy Cliff accompanied by Chevaughn and his band gave an energetic performance that belied Jimmy’s 62 years. 

After lengthy encores from the 30,000+ attendees the band left the stage one at a time, beginning with Jimmy Cliff himself and ending with his bass player. It was an understated end to a soul-reaching set, and a peaceful warm up for this year’s festival closers Weezer.

Earlier in the week the team made one of several stops in Winnipeg at the Winnipeg Folk Festival garnering rousing applauses from the approximately 20,000 patrons for another mystical reggae influenced set.
Now on U.S soil the team will embark on a thorough sweep of the mainland with concerts in Massachusetts, New York, Michigan, Seattle, Oregon, Portland and Las Vegas among a plethora of other towns and cities.
Chevaughn’s latest single ‘Summer Break’ with Bugle and Razz & Biggy continues to enjoy upward mobility on the various charts across the Caribbean diaspora.


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