TIDBITS: Esco release new video featuring Wyclef

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

If singer/rapper Esco Da Shocker’s goal was to get people talking about his new record “Weed Fi Sale”, he succeeded.  The Jamaican-born artist is set to debut his first US-filmed music video on his YouTube channel this week.

Just fresh off releasing the Mansions Riddim, this track marks Esco’s second Riddim production — Lunatic Riddim.  “Weed Fi Sale” was originally a track that Wyclef Jean had recorded for fun but Esco took it and gave it a dancehall remix that is setting the Caribbean club scene on fire.  Lunatic Riddim now features Esco & Wyclef “Weed Fi Sale” and Mr. Lex “Wine Pon Me”. 
  This is the first set of releases for this riddim. Fader Magazine writes, “Translating the “I Got 5 On It” chorus from a smoker’s anthem (over Esco Da Shocka’s Lunatic Riddim, naturally) into a dancehall, hip-grinder is fairly ingenious.”

Esco Da Shocker is a multi-talented singer/songwriter and has produced a wide range of island beats drawing influences from dancehall, reggae and soca. As the son of veteran Jamaica disc jockey Errol ‘ET’ Thompson & former Wailers background singer, Marcia Griffiths, Esco is the product of major reggae royalty with the ability to crossover into the mainstream market on an international level.  The video is below for your enjoyment:


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