TIDBITS: ANDREW MAC's Sweet Cry Freedom

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Andrew Mac's single Sweet Cry Freedom has been released and is now available for purchase on iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon and Zune. 
Sweet Cry Freedom is a song of hope. It blends reggae and rock with colorful tones and delivers a much needed positive message in these turbulent times.
Sweet Cry Freedom was produced by Andrew Mac and Gordon Mack III.  The single features Alex Alexander on drums, Keith Golden on bass, Eran Tabib and Andrew on guitars and Rob Clores, Gordon Mack III and Andrew on keyboards.
Andrew, an alternative artist, has played and recorded with many established performers including Bob Marley’s Wailers, Britney Spears, Big Mountain, Andru Donalds, Cocoa Tea, The Peter Tosh Celebration Tour and Julian Marley and the Uprising band. He currently plays guitar on tour with Grammy Award winning artist Sean Paul and is featured on his latest album Imperial Blaze.
“Sweet Cry Freedom holds a special place in my heart because the message is so relevant today - the message of equality for all colors and creeds with no discrimination.”(Andrew Mac)
Andrew Mac is managed by Rodney Hill of RHH Music Corp. Contact: rojat69@gmail.com
For more artist information, visit www.myspace.com/andrewmacmusicpage.


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