BUZz: Timberlee Sizzles in Eastern Caribbean

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dancehall artiste Timberlee recently completed a sizzling run in the Eastern Caribbean. Fans there have been warming up to her performances as well as to her music, a fitting start to an expected hectic summer.

She began in late April, with performances in Antigua and Dominica. On May 21 she cemented her reputation as a competent and energetic performer with her Barbados fan base, after giving a commendable performance at the Party Stand venue sharing stage with Hip Hop star Rick Ross, along with other dancehall mavericks billed for the event. On May 28, she was in neighbouring Trinidad, where she did a special performance on the Treasure Queen boat in Port of Spain. Wednesday June 2 saw her at the Sting Night Club, in Gulf View, La Romain for a memorable performance on her birthday. Timberlee's welcomed presence in the eastern Caribbean is no accident, as her tunes are precious gems on the radio stations and in the nightclubs.

Her song General is making waves in Trinidad and the show on the weekend was testament to the inroads her music is making in the region. In July she heads to Boston in the United States, before returning to Nevis for another Caribbean performance.

Timberlee is one of Jamaica's most talented female artistes. She is rapidly developing a solid reputation as a versatile artiste, for her commanding voice, and for chart-topping tunes such as Bubble Like Soup, Heels, Fashionista, and General.


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